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Cronos (CRO), Tron (TRX), and Parody Coin (PARO) could result in King sized gains in the future. Do not miss out on this opportunity as these three tokens could very well establish new highs that could provide a huge upside to your investment portfolio.

Add the three tokens and gain huge profits. The Parody Coin is being offered through presale and it is a fantastic opportunity for getting quick and easy returns.

Let us find out how these three tokens can generate high returns and how you can benefit from an investment in these cryptocurrencies. 

Cronos has a 60% upside potential 

CRO token is used as the utility coin inside the exchange and has the strongest potential to deliver huge gains of up to 60%.

Users can earn from cash backs by holding the CRO coin which means more investors will tend to hold onto the token rather than sell it for quick profits due to its inherent utility.

Holders of CRO tokens can also earn staking income by acting as validators. This is another incentive for not selling the CRO coin for quick short-term profits.

Any token that rewards users for holding for the long term is set to experience a huge rise in price in the near future. The CRO coin could rise by a tremendous percentage as the exchange expands and adds more users from across the world. 

Tron launches new USDD stable coin to compete with Terra

Tron ecosystem has announced the launch of a new stable coin called USDD that will directly compete with UST, the popular stable coin being issued on the Terra blockchain network.

The USDD coin will be cross-chain compatible and will also be hosted on the Ethereum and Binance networks.

It will allow users to earn a 20% income that allows it to directly compete with the rates offered by the Terra ecosystem. The TRX token has been consolidating but has risen by 5% in a day and could rise further in the coming weeks. 

Parody Coin could moon and deliver 10X gains

The PARO token can be bought on presale but it has the potential for 10x gains and maybe even 20x as news and updates surrounding the ecosystem are slowly released.

The Parody Coin project is a meme token that will allow users to mint and trade NFTs. These are not ordinary NFTs but parody versions of other mainstream NFTs.

The original user can get his hands on these parody NFTs by burning the original NFT. 

The Parody Coin will also build a metaverse space for its users. Users will make and transfer NFTs while interacting inside the virtual empire. 

To reward users for holding the PARO token, the ecosystem will hand out rewards from the transaction tax. Staking will also be added in the future so users are encouraged to not sell the token soon after listing.

The PARO coin will be used for farming and gaining additional privileges as the community expands. This should ensure that more people buy the coin and not exit immediately after listing. 

300 million PARO coins will be created and it will be launched as a deflationary token meaning the supply will reduce overtime generating more returns for the user. Inflationary currencies cannot achieve a higher price and supply is more than demand. 

Buy Parody Coin and you can also consider adding Cronos, and Tron to get an overall balanced crypto portfolio. This could ensure returns in the range of 10X to 20X in the short term with the long-term potential even higher.

Stay updated as prices tend to rise and fall as news about various partnerships is released. You can make decisions quickly if you follow a coin’s progress regularly. Getting such high returns is possible only through cryptocurrencies so gain an advantage and start investing as early as possible.

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