Laugh now while you still can, but nothing is stopping Dogecoin — not even internet access — from world domination.


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Radio Doge Is Here Thanks To Elon Musk

Defying the odds, Dogecoin (ticker symbol DOGE) appears to be learning a new trick. Thanks to the meme coin’s core developers and Starlink, DOGE successfully sent its first transaction using “Radio Doge,” a new initiative brought about by the Dogecoin Foundation that allows for DOGE  transactions without internet access.

“hi. i sleepy again, so no talk big, but just did this, sending 4.2069 dogecoin (from BudZ heh) 100 miles (with @tjstebbing and @KBluezr listening on a receiver 810 miles away), using just libdogecoin, radio, and ultimately relayed to the mainnet on the other end via starlink, ” said Michi Lubin, a Dogecoin developer.  

Back in December, the Dogecoin Foundation had announced an extensive “trail map” for the meme coin which included several impressive aspects. Notably, Radio Doge was a part of Project LibDogecoin.

Why Radio Doge Is A Big Deal

The new initiative is another byproduct of Elon Musk’s bizarre, but also humanizing, obsession with Dogecoin. After already making Tesla Merchandise buyable with DOGE, now Starlink satellites are helping give access to millions without internet access.

This might not seem like a big deal, but a surprising amount of Americans still lack access to the technology that feels like water to most. Some 21 million Americans lack access to Broadband. Around 14 million of those are in rural areas, but even urban areas like Detroit (where 1 out of 4 residents are without access) are affected.

Not to mention, Radio Doge makes transacting even cheaper with the dog coin. For example, you don’t have to pay for an internet service provider (ISP) or loiter at a cafe to transact with Doge. All you need is proximity to one of your favorite bond villain’s Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. But considering that the first transaction was 810 miles away, many will have the option.

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