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  The cryptoverse is all set to welcome a host of protocols with stout potential. Which have been striving at a myriad of fronts, which also includes diverse offerings of the industry. With a shift in perception of crypto folks, protocols have been diversifying their utilitarian grounds. And have been establishing their reign at respective grounds.

Successively, one such protocol is Zilliqa, which has turned the heads of the masses in the industry. With its metaverse “Metapolis”, and other thriving metrics, which have given the protocol an impetus. Consecutively, the released roadmap of Metapolis alongside the improvements and new features from View block are now the talks of the space.

Has Metapolis Rolled Up Its Sleeves With Its Roadmap In Place? 

  The roadmap constitutes four phases phase-1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. The phase-1 includes teaser video, introduction, open dev stack, city preview, roadmap release, partnerships. Alongside stress test environments, onboarding partners, Zilliqa city roadmap, and environment build of the city. Whereas, phase-2 includes Zilliqa city open for testing, Zilliqa city public launch.

Successively, in addition to customizable avatars, sale of real estate and NFT integration, e-commerce, basic analytics, sound web/AR. The list also includes donation features, acquisition of assets, creation of buildings, apparel, and other props. The 3rd phase hosts IRL metapolis event (pending), Non-player characters, advertisements, avatar communication.

Intro to VR, daily tasks and user engagement module, reactive avatars, VIP subscriptions, P2E, and F2E gamification. The final phase will conclude with App release, staking, surround sound concerts, interactive VR, and VR concerts.

The Zilliqa city will feature assets trading, customizable avatars, acquisition of assets, quests, and more. ZRC-6 will strengthen the implementation of the phases, and enable varied NFT functionalities on the blockchain. The move will bring efficiency to the NFTs, whilst allowing creators to receive different forms of royalties in their NFTs.

Will These Be The Catalysts In Zilliqa’s Rise On The Charts?

View block has announced numerous improvements and new features to its Zilliqa explorer. That includes the support to the ZRC-6 token, the inclusion of a standard tab describing the necessary changes. For compliance with ZRC1, ZRC2, and ZRC6. The improvements also hosts a stats page for address/token/miner leaderboard for transactions, ZRC2s, NFTs, and network.

Other upgrades include advanced metrics and new charts for the statistics page. A new ecosystem page for information from cryptometa, the addition of global labels to cryptometa repo. Enabling only high-quality projects and partners to minimize potential phishing and scams.  

In contrast, the Zilliqa team has been participating in numerous events and interviews on a regular basis. Which has been promoting the network to the masses, and has been reinforcing the strength of the community. On the other hand, The Zilliqa ecosystem has welcomed the launch of two new gamefi projects Heroes of Lowhelm and Beanterra. 

The makers have been working on developmental initiatives and have been preparing for the next release of the Zilliqa core (v8.2.0). Which will include bug fixes and improvements around data synchronizing and communication of the network. The much-talked-about Scilla in the next release will feature support for time stamps and code hashes. 

Summing up, The metrics of Zilliqa have been soaring higher as previously reported by CoinPedia. The network has seen about 5% growth in transactions in January over December, which could be attributed to XCAD’s new DEX. The protocol with its roadmap, developments, and prominence will eventually reclaim its ATH and higher cliffs in near future.

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