• Rich Bitcoin whale transfers $1.9 billion to two unknown wallets.
  • These two transactions were successful with just $3.56 for transaction fees.
  • Whale Alert sees movements of BTC in the past 24 hours.

One of the wealthiest Bitcoin (BTC) whales in the space capitalized on the market sideways trend and have been transferring close to $2 billion worth of BTC for just $3.56 for transaction fees.

A Blockstream Explorer transaction history shows that a huge Bitcoin whale moved 44,979 BTC or a whopping $1.9 billion in fiat money to two anonymous wallets this past weekend.

According to BitInfoCharts, the first wallet received tokens amounting to 44,612 BTC or a whopping $1.88 billion. This sudden transfer made the digital wallet the 14th biggest Bitcoin address, as reported by BitInfoCharts. On the other hand, the 2nd wallet, which already has a track record on various crypto transactions, got the rest of the Bitcoins in accruals.

The Blockstream website still shows the massive amount of transactions that happened by batches which only cost 0.00008496 BTC, or $3.56, in transfer fees.

The wallet at hand was ranked 12th in the wealthiest Bitcoin addresses list before this huge transfer.

In other news, Whale Alert, one of the most advanced blockchain tracker and analytics platforms, revealed that crypto investors with abundant financial assets transferred a huge amount of $163 million worth of BTC in the past day. One transfer involved BTC movement from a crypto exchange to a custodial wallet. Meanwhile, the other two transactions moved BTC anonymous wallets to a crypto exchange. Lastly, Whale Alert tracked one transfer involving a shift of BTC from crypto exchange to an unknown wallet.

Summary of past transactions in the last 24 hours:

● 1,000 BTC worth $42.50 million moved from Bitfinex to Xapo
● 843 BTC worth $35.91 million sent from Coinbase to an unknown wallet
● 986 BTC worth $42.25 million transferred to Coinbase from a wallet of unknown origins
● 1,000 BTC worth $42.68 million transferred to Crypto.com from another wallet with unknown origins

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