• LUNA, FTM, and MATIC could smash a bull run.
  • This is expected to occur anytime from now on.
  • This bull run might involve the token market’s.

Despite the crypto market’s high volatility, major altcoins, including Terra, Fantom, and Polygon, could start a new price swing and a market bull run.

As per CoinMarketCap, LUNA, FTM, and MATIC have a strong catalyst for growth–based on their price performances and how green they appear alike.

That said, these tokens may be busy smashing new unseen highs in their various respective markets for the forecasted bull run momentum. In fact, the bull run means a lot, especially to the token’s users.

As the space is forming an imaginative picture of how the tokens will begin the bull run, Terra’s bull run is attributed to how it’s pegged with TerraUSD, a stablecoin project. TerraUSD’s adoption and popularity seem to be a significant contributor to Terra. Evidently, this has boosted traders’ crypto confidence that Terra will supercharge its bull run with the help of TerraUSD.

Apart from Terra, Fantom also garnered a huge amount of strides from the crypto space. Many suggested that Fantom is what it is today because of DeFi app developers’ adoption. Their use cases of the Fantom network have brought about a sprint of shine towards the token, which will influence the bull run for the FTM token and its overall market.

Following Fantom in the bull run spike is Polygon. As a layer-2 network, Polygon is a core player with a bunch of solutions to scale the Ethereum network. In that sense, MATIC token’s bull market will be incredible once the ETH network makes a good transformation, as reported by The Motley Fool.

On top of the above-mentioned, traders’ buying behavior could be a key factor in jumpstarting the token’s bull run. Regardless of the token’s decline of 48%, 44%, and 43% and how they traded below their belt last year, the upcoming days could be a lucky day for them.

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