• Tango launches Valentine’s Day-themed NFT-like Tango Cards.
  • The auction ran through Feb 10-14.
  • Both users and streamers can earn on the Tango platform.

Tango, a B2C platform for live video broadcasts that empowers content creators, welcomed the day of love with the launch of its special Valentine’s Day NFT-like Tango Card auction. Here, users can buy or sell their cards on the platform’s Marketplace. On top of that, a fraction of the revenue will go to the personalized card’s creator.

The Valentine’s Day auction started on February 10 and ended on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

According to Tango CEO Uri Raz, the platform’s Valentine’s Day auction is a great opportunity for fans to give their favorite broadcasters (known as “Livers”) some love. He further adds:

Buying a Valentine’s Day card is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and a great way to stand out among a crowd of fans. It’s also potentially a chance to turn in a good profit—you never know how big your favorite streamer may turn in the future.

In addition, Tango deems itself as a platform where all users can earn. In this space, Tango users support content creators through micro-transactions. They can purchase coins and use them to buy gifts for creators, who can, in turn, redeem them for cash.

Aside from buying coins to send as gifts to fans’ chosen Liver, users can also create, buy, and sell NFT-like Tango Cards through its newly-launched marketplace. Tango Cards can be minted, similar to NFTs, letting users earn a profit.

Meanwhile, users who purchase their favorite streamer’s card will also be rewarded another special Tango card that they can give to the Liver during the stream. What’s more, these cards also notify when the fans join the stream of a Liver. Moreover, users can also put up their cards for sale on the marketplace–benefitting the previous owner and creator.

In other news, Tango celebrated the first Tango-made millionaire last December 2021.

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