Nekoverse, the emergent multiplayer blockchain-gaming platform announced the launch of the Initial Community Contribution Offering (ICCO) for its community members. As a first of its kind, this ICCO is uniquely designed to benefit and reward the community contributing to the platform.

In 2021, the growth of blockchain-based gaming gave us a sliver of what this industry could achieve in the near future. With NFTs being incorporated into the core of gaming and play-to-earn becoming the new norm, global gaming is being steered into a new dimension that could bring about a paradigm shift in the industry. In this context, Nekoverse is a novel blockchain gaming platform that is built to be enthralling for both crypto enthusiasts and gamers, while actively allowing them to monetize their game-play and progress.

The ICCO announced today is the platform’s first major step in that direction, offering a fair and square token model to its contributing community members. It consists of four core concepts, where all the different contributors earn real monetary benefits for their participation. First of these core concepts is the Contribute-to-Earn System and as the name suggests it benefits community members contributing to the development of Nekoverse, giving them real monetary rewards for their contributions.

Second is the Pseudo Token concept that rewards members contributing to the platform’s Discord server. They will receive the pseudo token Anima Spirit Fragment ($ASF) as a reward and this token can eventually be converted into the native token Anima Spirit Gem ($ASG) through the ICCO model. The third concept of this novel ICCO model is the On-chain Token through which Nekoverse will distribute the native and official in-game token $ASG to its community. This token can be used as a medium of exchange within the Nekoverse and can also be traded on CEXs and DEXs.

And finally, through its last concept Conversion Mechanics between Pseudo Token & On-chain Token, Nekoverse provides a way for users to convert their ASF tokens to ASG tokens. To be eligible for this, one is required to be a Nekonomer, i.e. own at least 1 Neko NFT, and be a verified member of the Discord server.

This ICCO is the first-of-its-kind token model in the DeFi industry that aptly captures the value of a community to redistribute it to the same. Following this ICCO, Nekoverse has an NFT offering in the works and aims to continue its developmental activities in full swing. 

A Compelling Gameplay With Enriching Rewards

With blockchain technology redefining the global gaming industry, a multitude of gaming projects have emerged in the past couple of years. Nekoverse distinguishes itself from a majority of these projects by providing not just a simple play-to-earn model but also an epic gaming experience to go with it. This Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) is built by a group of gamers for gamers and is housed on the Solana blockchain, guaranteeing unmatched speeds, scalability, and security. 

Within the game, players will be free to follow their own paths, discovering, exploring, and interacting with others within this massive virtual world governed by three mythical gods. To enter the Nekoverse, however, players are required to own a Neko NFT which acts as their character within the world. Nekoverse offers a comprehensive in-game economy to its players allowing them to earn monetary benefits by participating in PvP and PvE battles. Gamers can choose a profession of their own within the Nekoverse to harvest resources and unlock rare items. 

The community-centric nature of the platform allows community members to manage and govern the Nekoverse and they are in complete control of not just the gaming resources but also the narrative and development of the game.

As blockchain gaming is at the brink of mass adoption, a fully-decentralized gaming platform like the Nekoverse could propel the industry in the right direction and bring in the next wave of users.

The Recipe for Success 

For blockchain technology to become the new gaming epicenter, there is a dire need for compelling gaming platforms within the decentralized framework that rival and also supersede the gaming experiences offered on centralized platforms. As such, Nekoverse with its enthralling gaming universe is in a position to appeal to both beginners and veteran gamers. This, when combined with an ICCO model that fairly benefits all users of the platform, shows that Nekoverse has mastered the recipe for success and could be a pivotal part of the blockchain-gaming realm.

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