Programmers, designers and gamers around the world are looking forward to the new NFT game PlaceWar – to earn, win battles and conquer the resources of opponents. The launch of the first version of the project is expected very soon, and on the eve of this event, we tried to find out how the economy of the game works and why it will be popular.

PlaceWar is a game created by the expert of the P2E projects Myrtle Ramos and the developers of Mega Game Studio, who previously created such popular games as Last Descendant of Dragon, Glory Battlefield, Glory Battlefield – Middle Ages. In 2021, experienced developers have teamed up to create the PlaceWar metaverse to provide players with a completely new experience in the field of play-to-earn games. And they succeeded!

PlaceWar: not just another P2E’ game

Lily Ferguson, 23, USA, quit his job at a design studio at the height of the pandemic to try his luck at the blockchain game PlaceWar, where players fight each other to take over the NFT-land. Gilbert believes that his creative potential can be realized right in the game.

And he’s right — PlaceWar is not just a play-to-earn project, but a real metaverse in which you can monetize your art.

PlaceWar is based on a decentralized BEP-20 based strategic game with highly engaging artillery gameplay. The task of the players is to defeat their rivals to win resources and earn money from it. As a reward for achievements, players receive a cryptocurrency: an in-game token $PLACE, which can be used to earn money or buy new land on the PlaceWar marketplace.

PlaceWar will enable players in content creation through the system named Pixel. Each player can create a design for their land, tanks, defenders, buildings, maps and even game modes. In addition, through PlaceDAO, players can vote for updates and changes to the rules of the game. This is how PlaceWar creates a new culture of interaction between gamers, designers and users interested in the development of the metaverse.

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse will transform and will not just help us how we see the world, but how we can participate and contribute to it. – Co-Founder of PlaceWar, Myrtle Anne Ramos

Gameplay and economy of PlaceWar

PlaceWar is a turn-based tactical game where you can fight with other players using different types of tanks and countless combat strategies. Each tank has unique skills that give the player a wide range of options for manoeuvring on the battlefield. But be careful – tanks also have their weaknesses.

The player can use five classes of equipment with unique skills:

  • Medieval: slow but powerful and formidable tanks
  • Heavy Armor: universal tanks with good armour, damage and mobility
  • Rocket Launcher: tanks for those who prefer to attack from afar
  • Mech Tank: Futuristic terminators with unusual weapons
  • Amphibious: fast tanks, for which even the most complex terrain is not a hindrance.

To win, you need to use all the possibilities of various classes of equipment. Each new turn the player strategically chooses the right angle and firing power to inflict maximum damage to enemies and at the same time minimize damage to their tanks.

The player’s goal is to destroy all enemies on the battlefield to conquer the enemy’s land and win back resources from him to improve his troops. And there is what to conquer — a land of the PlaceWar is divided into 300 by 300 parcels of tokenized pixels.

What is Pixel?

Pixel is an NFT and, at the same time, 1 of 90,000 sections of the game space on which the player’s base is located. Each Pixel has its rarity level, which differs depending on the number of resources and location relative to the centre of the overall canvas. The closer to the centre, the more rare pixels are, the more expensive NFT.

A pixel is not just the land, but also a source of resources that will appear on pixels every 6-12 hours. Using the extracted resources, the player can build structures on the pixel, place drone defenders and assemble an army of tanks.

In PlaceWar, everyone chooses their style of gameplay. Some players can build up an army to attack and plunder other people’s resources. Other players will build defensive structures and extract resources without attacks. Third players will combine defence and attack strategies.

But that’s not all. Soon, the developers plan to add new modes with Guild War, as well as switch to the Full Pixel System.

Play. Create. Earn.

Do you want to try it? Plunge into the world of epic tank battles PlaceWar and use all the features of unique combat machines! Build your army from a wide range of combat machines and make the right decisions to win the battle. Participate in the creation of NFT content, compete with other players, implement your strategies and win in the open spaces of PlaceWar Land.

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