Dopex is a decentralized options protocol that targets liquidity maximization while minimizing losses for option writers and maximizing gains for buyers. It has added 25% to its value today.

Look no farther than this guide for all the details: what Dopex is, should you buy it now, and the top places to buy Dopex.   

Top places to buy Dopex now

What is Dopex?

This easy-to-use platform makes it possible for anyone to participate in an option pool. Users can deposit base/quote for their respective pools, earn passive income by writing, and purchase discounted options through liquidity pools.

Option writers benefit from a rebate system for losses based on the exercised options for every monthly or weekly series. Rebates are calculated based on percentage losses incurred by options writers during a weekly series and then paid in the protocol’s rebate token rDPX.

Option pool participants receive a percentage of rPDX relative to their value of losses. Using this rebate system, options writers benefit from a higher return than they would have from hedging strategies.

Should I buy Dopex today?

Dopex shows promise, but it’s a relatively new asset. Exercise caution and study the market before making a commitment.     

Dopex price prediction

According to Tech News Leader, Dopex will go from its current price of $1,941 to $3,288 in 1 year. It will trade for $10,182 in 5 and for $69,214 in 10 years.       

Dopex on social media

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