We have seen talk and hype around the metaverse over the last few months. But there is no doubt the metaverse is happening. Cardania is a new metaverse project that is opening public sales for its token today, February 15th. Here is what you should know:

  • Cardinia is offering its native token RAD which will be the main utility token for the Cardinia metaverse.

  • Cardinia is hoping to create what it calls an integrated metaverse economy with a rewarding user experience.

  • The public token sale will be solely done on Kick.io and hopes to achieve success like other metaverse tokens, including Decentraland (MANA).

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Cardinia (RAD) – The fundamentals so far

Before you buy any token, the first thing you do is assess the underlying fundamentals. Cardinia brings a combination of tokenised assets and NFTs to run what it calls an integrated metaverse economy. 

There are other metaverses that promise this. However, since this is an industry that appears to be heating up right now, it’s very hard to ignore RAD. Details about the public sale have also been released. 

All purchases must be made using Cardano (ADA). KYC will be required before any purchase goes through too. There is also a priority sale program for investors who want to get in 24 hours before the coin is opened to the general public.

Is Cardinia (RAD) worth your time?

There is no arguing that new blockchain projects are often interesting. The metaverse in particular, has been offering new innovations as far as new cryptos go. 

While Cardinia (RAD) is not the only new and exciting metaverse project right now, it still has so much to offer. The integrated metaverse ecosystem and the way it combines both NFTs and regular tokens into the mix is a great plus. It is one of those coins that you should check out.

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