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As a whole concept, AMDG is a group of FinTech start-ups focused on cross-border payment services and crypto banking transactions. AMDG is currently developing a platform that can be used globally through the use of AMDG Token. AMDG SYSTEM consists of the AM-WALLET that can be funded with different cryptocurrencies (will be available on iOS and Android).

Users can access the AMDG – AM plastic and virtual cards, which can be used anywhere and anytime by simply connecting the virtual card to Apple Pay. AM-WALLET combines traditional finances with unlimited wallets to buy, sell, send, spend, and stake their cryptocurrency.

From the Soken team legal view, AMDG Token shall serve as an integral feature of the core processes of the platform, as denoted in AMDG Whitepaper.

In conclusion, the Soken Team found no signs of fraud and scam, Ponzi scheme, tort, consumer fraud, known schemes of income laundering and tax evasion in the AMDG Project. Need to be noted that AMDG Token is very secure and safe as the founders of AMDG Token do not possess any ability to affect the Token price due to fair distribution of their tokenomics.

The market price of Token does not influence the company’s profit, and the company’s profit does not influence the Token market price, and All scenarios of the turnover of the Token are strictly ordered and implemented on the blockchain by smart contracts. No other scenarios are technically feasible.

Furthermore, AMDG Solutions Pte Ltd had been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (UKAS Management System 8289) from the British Assessment Bureau. ISO 9001 2015 certification is an international standard for Quality Management System Certification. This certification establishes the requirements, guidelines, and recommendations for the design and assessment of a Quality Management Certification.

The purpose of this certification is to ensure that the products or services produced by a company meet the requirements set by the world standard body, namely, ISO. When a company has successfully passed the audit and received ISO 9001 2015, it means that the company has met various requirements that have been set internationally.

This can make specific consumer needs fulfilled, namely where the company is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the products produced. With AMDG being certified with ISO 9001:2015, this is proof that AMDG already meets the standard to operate.


AMDG Token from Asset Management Digital Group has been audited by Soken Law Firm. Soken is a Leading company comprising of engineers and analysts providing blockchain security solutions all over the world that has been working with Ethereum, BSC, EOS, Tezos and a few others.

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