When gambling, NFTs, and the metaverse combine, you get Sloties NFT. Sloties has been picking up steam as of late and recently just dropped their Sloties Junior NFT. Today we dive into both projects and get you up to speed.


  • What Is Sloties NFT?
  • What is Slotie Junior’s NFT?
  • Where & How To Buy?

What Is Sloties NFT?

Sloties and their unique new concept to the NFT world hit the NFT market last December. With a 10K supply built on the Ethereum blockchain, they were quickly sold out within 5 minutes.

The unique minting process rewarded early buyers with a mint price of 0.08 ETH or the first 2,500 mints. The remaining public sale mints were 0.16 ETH, but that did not stop collectors from selling out subsequent mints.

Each Slotie represents your stake in their plans for crypto casinos in the Metaverse and their Slotie Gaming Universe. Their roadmap reflects and states becoming the “Las Vegas” of the Metaverse.

Currently, they are yielding 10 $WATTS daily and also have the ability to breed an exclusive stock of Juniors in the future. Future utility will become available in the form of rake bakes as high as 20% at participating casinos, once the Slotie Gaming Universe is live.

$WATTS is Sloties utility token that acts like the energy into the Sloties’ world. One future $WATTS use case will be the ability to breed for Junior Sloties, this will be done by using your earned or bought $WATTS. It will cost 1,800 $WATTS to breed your two Sloties and create a Junior. Besides breeding, there are plans in the future to use your $WATTS for slot events and eventually have real life monetary value.

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What is a Slotie Junior?

Slotie Junior – NFT CalendarSloties Junior were recently minted on February 10th to anxious Slotie holders, that have been waiting for their Junior. With an initial supply of 5K, with 5K being held for breeding, they sold out within the first two minutes.

Each Slotie Junior receives a plot of land and will control 100% of the district’s income. They are able to attend events at the Casino, receive discount gambling and earn rake back from winning. Exclusive Holder Rewards will be available from future partners within the casino network.

It will be fun to see what each holder does with their airdropped land plot, check out the tweet below on the possibilities.

Where & How To Buy?

Both public mints for Sloties and Slotie Juniors have concluded, so you will have to hit the secondary market to secure yours. Sloties currently hold a floor of 0.8 ETH and trade volume of 6.4K ETH. You can take a look at available Slotie’s on their OpenSea page.

Slot Junior’s recently hit OpenSea yesterday after their public mint. They currently hold a floor of 0.45 ETH and had 800+ secondary sales yesterday, once the public mint was sold out. These are still in pre-reveal (the image and rarity has not been revealed), there is a fun unknown aspect of how rare your new NFT is. You can find the Slotie Junior OpenSea page here.

Keep in mind, if you want to obtain a Slotie Junior, there is an exclusive supply of 5K for Slotie breeding. There seems to be many ways to build your Slotie family, will you bet on this casino in the Metaverse?

Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow Slotie’s Twitter and join their Discord for all their news and updates.

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