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Capitrade team is excited to announce to the general public on our long-awaited partnership and token deployment on the Cardano blockchain network has been achieved as the have successfully deployed 25 million CDE tokens on the Cardano network.

CDE Token Seed Sale is currently active on Cardano, Terra, and Fantom Network.

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Why on did you choose to deploy on Cardano Network?

Cardano is currently unclaimed territory for decentralized apps (dapps) and solves many of the issues that plague DeFi users. As soon as our team saw the benefits the Cardano blockchain had to offer, we were immediately integrated and deploy CDE for its network.

To further create an ecosystem on the Cardano network, it will also need an actively traded DEX (Decentralized Exchange) which is the core of blockchain ecosystems and the heart of DeFi. 

As For the Cardano network, this piece is largely missing, which Our team has in top priority to fill this gap and be the first decentralized exchange to do it on Cardano network.

What can Cardano do for token trading?

Cardano Network has a unique structure such that as transactions go up on the Cardano Blockchain, block times will go down, as low as ~1 second and this means faster confirmations of transactions and faster trades.

Faster trades mean better arbitrage opportunities, less slippage, less or no front-running, a better user experience, and the potential for more advanced trading applications.

In addition, the gas cost for an average swap is about 0.000157FTM ($0.00007065) which is negligible (at the time of this posting).

The same swap on Binance Smart Chain would be about $10 and on Ethereum would be about $100 (again, at the time of this posting). 

About Capitrade Launchpad?

Capitrade Launchpad enables users to participate in pre-sales and early liquidity farming for blockchain projects using one easy-to-use interface.

The launchpad will vet each project’s code thoroughly, ensuring each project is secure, scalable and achieves the founders’ objectives.

Specifically, early-stage investors using Capitrade Launchpad will encounter a Tier based system which functions as the platform for participating in IDO launches.

The tier-based system allows users to access new project IDOs by staking their $CDE tokens. The more $CDE a user stakes, the higher their chances of gaining pre-sale access to a launch pool. 

 Each of the Five main tiers are space-themed, and include;                                                      

Tier 1 – Minimum Stake: 1,000 CDE Tokens – Maximum Stake: 5,000 CDE Tokens                                          

Tier 2 – Minimum Stake: 5,000 CDE Tokens – Maximum Stake: 20,000 CDE Tokens                                            

Tier 3 – Minimum Stake: 20,000 CDE Tokens – Maximum Stake: 100,000 CDE Tokens               

Tier 4 – Minimum Stake: 100,000 CDE Tokens – Maximum Stake: 500,000 CDE Tokens

Tier 5 – Minimum Stake: 500,000 CDE Tokens – Maximum Stake: 2,000,000 CDE Tokens       

Capitrade Launchpad Features 

LAUNCHPAD – Capitrade creates a fair decentralized IDO launchpad platform that benefits our token holders.

INTEROPERABILITY – With the emergence of Web 3.0, interoperability is a rare feature in the crypto community.

Capitrade Launchpad will deploy sets of Protocols that will contain Investors from other Blockchain networks. News relating to network partnerships will be announced through our media outlets. 

ACCESS TO BLOCKCHAIN PROJECTS – Providing a user-friendly gateway for users to seamlessly access and invest in well-vetted projects

STAKING & COMPLIANT – Staking is beneficial for investors who want to guarantee that their digital assets are secured to the fullest extent possible while still supporting the network and reaping the returns of their efforts. 

LIQUIDITY – Capitrade native token (CDE) tokens may be exchanged for other tokens, this will allow market players to supply liquidity and form a market. 

GOVERNANCE VOTING – On-chain Voting for tokens holders to improve the project development.

FUND GENERATION OPTIONS – Facilitate various types of fundraising phases including the Token Sales, NFT sale, and more


Capitrade launchpad will redefine the importance of decentralized, launchpad, project incubation, DEX, and others. 

CDE Token Seed Sale 

CDE Token is available for purchase on the Capitrade Seed Sale portal. Capitrade launchpad has integrated three blockchain networks for its $CDE token sale event, this is to accommodate as much as blockchain networks it can and bring to Crypto Space the real Decentralized activities. Cardano, Terra & Fantom Network users can participate in Capitrade ongoing Seed sale event. 

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