• Domino’s Pizza Former President Kory Spiroff has joined FriesDAO’s advisory board.
  • Spiroff will be using his 35 years of experience to help FriesDAO achieve its vision.
  • FriesDAO aims to combine the crypto industry with the fast-food industry.

FriesDAO has announced that Domino’s Pizza Former President Kory Spiroff has joined its advisory board. Spiroff will be supporting the organization in achieving its goal of bridging real-world operations with blockchain-based governance.

In detail, Spiroff will help FriesDAO identify and potentially acquire well-known restaurant brands to help bring blockchain-based governance to the fast-food industry. FriesDAO believes that Spiroff’s 35 years of expertise, network, and industry experience will bring plenty of valuable insight to the table.

Kory Spiroff talks about the Quick Service Restaurant Space and how technological innovation has always been a driving force in the industry. He adds that the innovation came to a point where Domino’s would be referred to as “a tech company that just happens to sell pizza.

I believe we have only scratched the surface, and I’m excited to join this cutting-edge experiment with friesDAO. The wealth of knowledge and positive energy coming through the Discord channel every day is truly inspiring.  We’re seeing, and indeed creating the next frontier for QSR, leveraging blockchain-based governance, and the integration of DeFi and on-chain data.

FriesDAO wants to give the crypto community the opportunity to acquire and expand fast-food restaurant franchises. This can be done by acquiring and building on-chain and membership utility around popular fast food restaurant franchises. Likewise, FriesDAO will gradually expand its footprint to multiple businesses under the unique governance model of the FriesDAO restaurant network.

Meanwhile, Kory Spiroff has had 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He began his career delivering pizzas for Domino’s in 1985 before becoming a franchisee in Hawaii in the early 1990s. In 2003, Spiroff became Domino’s Vice President of EMEA. He later served as Managing Director of Domino’s Germany before becoming President of QSR at Alamar Foods Company. Finally, in 2013, Spiroff joined the Board of Directors for Eat N’ Go Africa.

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