There’s a lot of crypto TA’s on Twitter but do you ever wonder who you should actually trust? Here we break down our top five.

The crypto world seems to go by so quickly, its a 24 hour, seven days a week market that never takes a break. For investors and traders, it’s hard to know who to trust when entering and exiting the market. Even for long term HODLers, when do you buy? We constantly hear “is this the dip?”, is it going to dip more?”, “never mind, I will just DCA”. Well, there are some crypto TA’s that are leading the way on Twitter.

Here are five crypto technical analysts (in no particular order) that have been producing some great analysis worthy of your time.

Plan C

Back in November, everyone was hopeful for a 200k + Bitcoin because of the (now notorious?) stock-to-flow model created by Plan B. Well, Plan B’s time seems to have passed and theres a new analyst on the block that has been producing some great content, and that’s Plan C. The anonymous crypto TA seems to have taken over Plan B’s fan base, and offers good insight by providing everything from on-chain analyses to analyzing hash-rates. Recently, he has reminded his followers that we technically have been in a bear market since the first peak in 2021, and we may be heading out of it soon.

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Will Clemente

One of the youngest in the crypto TA space, Will Clemente, has been providing some outstanding analyses and content recently. He is the Lead Insights Analyst for Blockware Solutions (Bitcoin mining company) and host of the Blockware Intelligence Podcast. He not only shares his insights and analyses of Bitcoin on Twitter, but writes a weekly newsletter that goes out to over 70k investors.


TechDev entered the crypto space originally in 2017, and is currently one of Twitter’s top crypto TA’s. He is a pseudonymous crypto TA and trader that focuses on identifying patterns and making them digestible to a general audience. He writes a full weekly newsletter for his followers, and believes that human emotion causes crypto cycles and tries to pair his analyses with macro factors. Even recently, he poked fun at Peter Schiff and said that the timing of his tweets against Bitcoin are good indicators that lead to Bitcoin rallies, sorry Peter.

Matthew Hyland (aka Parabolic Matt)

Matthew Hyland is a crypto TA and an on-chain data analyst. He used to be a little more “parabolic” but in a recent tweet, he explained that Bitcoin can still reach 100k in 2022 and that is because of some of the macro events everyone has been keeping an eye on:

“There’s also an ongoing trend of Bitcoin supply leaving major exchanges (presumably to be stored in offline crypto-wallets”

He is a crypto TA and on chain analyst that tends to take a look at the bigger picture. For example, although we’ve seen better days from a macro perspective (Russia invasion, fed rate hikes, inflation, etc.), Matt zooms out to remind his followers that we are still between support and resistance.



I don’t think this will be a surprise to anyone, but of course Pentoshi had to make this list. Pentoshi doesn’t only share his crypto TA with his followers on Twitter, but publicly announces his trades. Specifically when he plans to enter and exit the market based on his TA. Additionally, he tells followers what levels he is looking for to enter for long-term trades, thus making him a great source for both traders and investors. Here’s an example of how transparent Pentoshi really is when using his analyses to execute trades:


Thats it, those are five of the best crypto technical analysts to follow on Twitter. Of course, there are other great crypto TA’s to follow, but do you agree with the list? Let us know in the comments.

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